Amberoot Tops the Most Ethical Online Retailers in the UK Ranking List - by Ethical Consumer Magazine

Since 1989 Ethical Consumer Magazine in the UK has reported on ethical issues and after having done their thorough analyses provided their advice on how to be the most ethical consumer. We are very glad to share with you that Amberoot has been rated the second most ethical online retailer in the UK. Their rating is based on evaluation in these areas: Environment, Animals, People, Politics, Company Ethos and Product Sustainability.

Most Ethical Online Retailers - UK - Fashion - Amberoot

We didn't receive the Company Ethos mark because some of the linen fabric products we sell do not have organic certifications (instead these have oeko-tex). Since it is the same marking for Company Ethos as last year - we have expanded on this aspect last year and on our standing commitment to sustainable use of linen and hemp - learn more here.

We also received top ratings for the most ethical supply chain.

Most Ethical Online Retailers - Most Ethical Supply Chains Amberoot - Fashion

Most Ethical Online Retailer - UK - International - Fashion - Amberoot
Most Ethical Online Retailer - Most Ethical for Environment Amberoot

Most Ethical Online Retailer - Most Ethical for People Workers Amberoot

Most Ethical Online Retailer - Most Ethical for Animals Amberoot

Most Ethical Online Retailer - Most Ethical Politics Amberoot

Latest magazine on their site has more detailed information, valuations for you to explore. Ethical Consumer is a not-for-profit UK magazine and a website which publishes information on the social, ethical and environmental behaviour of companies and issues around trade justice and ethical consumption. The mission of the Ethical Consumer is to promote "a society where the environment is respected, where human rights are properly protected and where animals are no longer cruelly exploited." Make sure to checkout their helpful site or subscribe to the magazine.

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