Celebrating the Wonder of Trees with Amberoot Bathrobes


Most of the times we tend to take things for granted, as given, but sometimes it is good to stop


and to recap.

So, let's recap on the benefits of trees:

Sustainability aspects

Sensual aspects (joy of being alive)

Provide oxygen.

Clean the air.

Cool the streets.

Absorb CO2.

Combat climate change.

Help prevent soil erosion.

Diverse flora and fauna is dependent on trees for their survival.

Supplies us with food.

Supplies us with timber.

Supplies us with medicine.

Visual – beauty brings joy, sight of a tree also makes us more efficient and heal faster.

Smell – scents floating in the air improve our mood.

Taste – berries, fruits, nuts, blossoms, leaves, sap, etc. excite our receptors.

Hearing – sound of leaves gently rustling in the breeze or a song by a bird sitting on a branch.

Touch – different textures are pleasant to touch whether one is into tree-hugging or touching a wooden object.

Body awareness and movement – whether it is climbing a tree, or swinging on a branch – our bodies benefit.

Isn't it amazing that trees are sharing this planet with us after all? :)

However, our companions are in trouble.

The extinctions of species taking place in the animal world are also happening in the plant world. In order to find out how threatened with the extinction the species is conservation assessments must take place. However, only 11% of world's trees have ever been assessed on their conservation status. From these 11% more than 10,000 of tree species are already threatened with extinction. Hope is that another 89% of the world's tree species will be evaluated and adequate actions ensuring the future of their survival will be taken.

Main threats to the extinction of trees are habitat destruction, commercial logging, unsustainable harvesting of goodies produced by a tree,  climate change and the consequent emerging diseases.

With the tree-themed bathrobes we aim to celebrate the wonder of trees and this way engage more people in preserving the diversity of these stunning plants.

Unisex collection features threatened Baobab, Pine and Rowan.

Bathrobes are made from exclusive quality thick and warm 100% European linen fabric. Baobab is made from unbleached and undyed linen, while Rowan and Pine are oeko-tex (no nasty chemicals) certified. Interfacing, threads and very lovingly made labels are all made from natural ingredients. Consequently, in a typical Amberoot way fabrics and threads used are not made from coal and oil - the main cause for the climate change, pollution and the extinction of species of all kinds. Bathrobes from flax plant seed to the final product are ethically made in Europe.

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