Ecolabel Certification

What is the Eco label certification?

The label rewards innovative products which are durable, repairable, low carbon, with limited chemical emissions and increased recycled content, among other features. On top of that he ‘circular approach’ is integral to the label’s strict product criteria. In particular for textiles, The EU Ecolabel aims to improve the production of textiles through a large range of scientifically based criteria that encompass environmental and social concern and analyses the full life cycle. Many future-looking brands have found that the EU Ecolabel aligns with their sustainability values. 

Why do we need this certificate in the fashion industry?

Consumerism and fast fashion is a distinguished feature of 21st century life and never before we have been producing and buying so much. Every item that humans consume, whether a pair of jeans or pair of sneakers that we wear, originates from a natural resource. It also leaves some pollution through the entire life cycle from sourcing, production and to the end of life. As there is no Planet B, we need to minimise the impacts. EU ecolabel helps companies to improve the environmental footprint of goods they are producing and often be one of the most effective ways for businesses to demonstrate to consumers that they are meeting high environmental standards.

What is the process of the certification? How easy is it to be certified? What are the fees?

Certification is done at local level as every European country has its own Competent Body so do the fees vary from country to country. The fees start from 200EUR. This body is responsible in assessing your application documents and issuing the licence. Competent body is also guiding and supporting the company when building up the application dossier. Normally it takes few weeks or sometimes months in assessing the provided documents and then granting the licence. Companies should bear in mind that they can apply to any European country of their interest and the licence will be valid across the entire EU. We are noticing that many third countries are applying for the label as it is also recognized mark outside Europe.

With the help of your certification, how do you expect the future will be like?

The main aim of EU Ecolabel is to motivate consumers to shop more responsibly. Sustainable fashion can be trendy and hip, appealing to consumers to choose sustainable pair of jeans or t-shirt, encouraging consumption of sustainable fashion product. We understand that changing consumers' habits and culture is not an easy task, but we are expecting to see positive trends in consumer's behaviour.

What keeps you motivated to do the work you are doing?

Since the beginning of my carrier my aim was to serve to planet and to nature. With the EU Ecolabel we can change the ways how products are produced and that only limited footprint is left behind. So every new licence holder and company, that commits itself to sustainability, makes me happy because I know that the products were not produced at the expenses of the planet.

What do you think of Ecolabel? Share your thoughts by tweeting us @Amberoot, or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!


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