Most Ethical Fashion Focused Marketplace - Amberoot, Says Ethical Consumer Magazine

We are truly thrilled to let you know that Ethical Consumer Magazine has just ranked Amberoot as the best place to shop for clothes. Amberoot took the position of the most ethical purely fashion focused marketplace after having been evaluated in such areas as Environment, Animals, People, Politics, Company Ethos and Product Sustainability.

Amazon Alternative - Amberoot - Ethical and Environmentally Friendly Clothing Shop
Amazon Alternative - Amberoot - Ethical and Environmentally Friendly Clothing Shop 2

We only could have done better on Company Ethos Mark meaning that all products sold must be Organic, Ethical and Vegan certified. Since our linen brands contain none of these certifications we did not receive this mark. However, all linen clothing sold on Amberoot is vegan - 100% linen fabric, metal buttons, zippers, no animal ingredients whatsoever. Moreover, more than 80% of linen is grown in Europe and the two of our current linen brands also produce their clothes in Europe - England and Lithuania. Both are very small and each have 1/2 seamstresses working for them, whom we have also met. Linen as a fabric requires no artificial irrigation (unlike cotton) and is grown with no, or very little use of chemicals (cotton uses 1/4 of world's chemicals). Fabric is durable, weatherproof and biodegradable. These are among some of the reasons why we stand in our commitment for linen. Amberoot is also a member organization of the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC) working towards increasing the use of these environmentally friendly fibres in Europe.

What is Ethical Consumer Magazine?

Ethical consumer logo jpg Amberoot

Ethical Consumer is a not-for-profit UK magazine and a website which publishes information on the social, ethical and environmental behaviour of companies and issues around trade justice and ethical consumption. The mission of the Ethical Consumer is to promote "a society where the environment is respected, where human rights are properly protected and where animals are no longer cruelly exploited." Make sure to checkout their helpful site or subscribe to the magazine.

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