GreenScreen Certification

Could you tell me in a few sentences, what is the GreenScreen Certificate?

GreenScreen Certified™ is a new certification standard that promotes the use of inherently safer chemicals in products. The certification meets increasing demand for: a) safer chemicals in manufacturing and/or products and b) a simple platform that enables the communication of safer chemicals in products and formulations across supply chains.

GreenScreen Certified is based on the GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals, a globally recognized tool that identifies hazardous and safer chemicals through a rigorous benchmark scoring system. GreenScreen Certified will be applied to different product categories, with formulated products used in the manufacture of fabrics and other textiles representing the first product application.

What is the process of the certification? How easy it is to be certified? what are the fees?

Step 1 - Register: Sign into to register your company and receive details on the Standard for Textile Chemicals. Step 2 - Collect Information: Choose a service provider to help you obtain all the information you need to submit to Clean Production Action. Step 3 - Verification: Submit information to Clean Production Action to verify the product meets all requirements of the standard for the certification level you seek. Step 4 - Licensing: Pay fee and sign license agreement to use Certification Marks to promote your product. How long it will take to get a product certified is largely dependent on the certification level you seek and the information already collected or known by the Applicant about the product prior to initiating the process. The estimated time frame is two weeks to four months.The total cost includes costs charged by a service provider (if used) and the cost charged by Clean Production Action for verification and licensing.

Why do we need this certificate in the fashion industry?

There is a common misconception that the products on store shelves are safe. Most people believe that if a chemical causes harm to human or environmental health and safety, it cannot and is not used. Unfortunately, that is not true. GreenScreen Certified provides a clear, new, and transparent communication tool on chemical hazards in textile formulations.

GreenScreen Certified enables:

• Brands to clearly specify their preferences and requirements for safer chemicals in textile formulations to their suppliers.

• Formulators of textile chemicals to visibly promote their avoidance of known chemicals of high concern (Bronze level) and use of safer chemicals (Silver and Gold levels) to brands and the public.

GreenScreen Certified is valuable because it:

• Is developed and maintained by Clean Production Action, an independent, mission-driven NGO that creates strategies and solutions for safer chemicals.

• Establishes three levels of certification from Bronze to Silver to Gold that specify increasingly more stringent requirements for safer chemicals.

• Allows transparency around chemical hazard, while protecting proprietary formulations.

• Provides a clear platform for communicating chemical hazards in products across supply chains.

• Builds on a scientifically robust, transparent, peer reviewed hazard assessment method developed by an NGO (GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals).

• Assures that any certified product conforms with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (a group of apparel and footwear brands and retailers working together to lead the industry towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals) manufacturing restricted substances list MRSL, which is a list of chemical substances that should be banned from intentionally use by the industry in the production of textile, apparel, leather and footwear.

With the help of your certification, how do you expect the future will be like?

GreenScreen Certified creates market signals and market drivers to incentivize companies to use safer chemicals in their products and supply chains and enable brands and consumers to purchase products made with safer chemicals. The overall impact is a fashion industry with safer products for people and the planet.

What keeps you motivated to do the work you are doing?

Transparency. I want consumers to be able to make informed choices and send market signals to companies. In turn, I want companies to actively respond to make safer healthier choices. Overall, I want to protect our children, our grandchildren, and this planet that we live on.

The questions were answered by Alison Poor, Program and Communications Coordinator at the Clean Production Action.

What do you think of Greenscreen Certification? Share your thoughts by tweeting us @Amberoot, or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!


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