Izzy Lane - Giving Voice to Animals

Izzy Lane is one of those rare brands giving a voice for animals in the fashion industry. After learning about the wool industry, Izzy, the founder, was determined to help create change. She saw that there was very little British wool used in the fashion industry, and most of the wool came from areas with questionable animal welfare practices. Therefore Isobel decided to start her own fashion label using fully traceable British wool. Izzy also wanted to keep the entire process in Britain, including weaving, scouring and spinning and with quite a bit of research and luck she found places to get these done on the island.

However, being a vegetarian herself, she wanted to use wool from sheep that would not be slaughtered at the end of their working life. This was impossible to find, thus she decided that the best way to do this would be to have her own flock of sheep and provide them a forever free-roaming homes. She decided to go about this by buying sheep that would otherwise be slaughtered, rescuing them from their fates. Male lambs, ewes that have miscarried, sheep that for various other reasons would otherwise be slaughtered by their owners, they are all now part of Izzy’s strong and growing flock of about 2000 sheep.

Isobel Davies, the founder of Izzy Lane brand is a business woman with substantial ethical, organic food and fashion experience. On her journey of raising awareness and welfare of animals in the industry she has been awarded numerous awards, such as the RSPCA Good Business Awards, Daily Mirror Animal Heroes Awards, Global Sustainable Luxury Awards and more.

In our opinion her undyed knitwear collection that we have on Amberoot is perhaps the most animal friendly knitwear there is on the market. Biodegradability of wool ensures that wildlife does not suffer from the effects of alternative vegetarian/vegan alternatives - synthetic fibres. Rescue of the sheep from slaughter and care and love provided for the rest of their remaining lives in her farm excels at animal welfare standards like no other.

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