MUD Jeans – Great Artist's Work Is Never Done

Many brands talk of doing sustainable fashion but it is extremely rare to find one which is so genuinely true to their word.

MUD Jeans is a brainchild of Bert Van Son, who has 30 years of work experience in the global denim industry. Knowing ins and outs of the industry he was well aware about the social and environmental effects of it. He also knew that things could be done in a substantially better way. Thus MUD Jeans brand was born. Luckily Bert is one of those people whose goal is kind of mastery. A constant attempt to close the gap between work and vision, a constant sense that his search for excellence is never complete. By choosing MUD Jeans you can be sure to wear perhaps the best jeans in existence. Plus you can be sure that your choice will support someone who will return your investment into the progress of well-being for people and planet in a big way.

Innovation flows in their veins; they were the first to make a pair of jeans using only 1,554 litres of water instead of the usually required ~8,000 litres. They have ambitious projects for the future as well. They aim to use zero chemicals during the manufacturing process and thus make the first pair of completely carbon neutral jeans. We know that when these guys set the goal, they make it happen.

All their denim is made from a better kind of cotton, which is either recycled (Global Recycling Standard certified), organic (GOTS organic cotton certified) or more responsibly sourced cotton (Better Cotton Initiative certified). Factories they work with are also OEKO-TEX 100 certified meaning no toxic chemicals were used and discharged into the environment. Workers throughout their supply chain are treated fairly as per Fair Wear certificate standards. MUD Jeans commitment to happier society and planet gained them a Bcorp accreditation too.

Circular Denim

You might notice their logo containing a word “circular" too. That is because they have achieved to operate entirely in accordance to the standards of circular economy. They recycle the returned preloved jeans. But that’s not all! Instead of making a new pair of jeans after every returned item, MUD Jeans reconstructs the ones in good condition and sells them as vintage jeans. These pairs receive the name of their previous owner for that extra emotional kick and uniqueness!

At the same time, they came up with the brilliant idea of ‘Lease A Jeans’. The system enables customers not only to buy their perfectly crafted jeans but to lease them too. In other words, you can borrow a pair for up to one year and after the leasing period it is up to you whether you want to keep, exchange or return the garment. Convenient, isn’t it!

Joyful to welcome MUD Jeans on Amberoot

We could talk relentlessly about the brand’s accomplishments, and we would love to but we must stop it somewhere. Hope this little taster puts everyone into the mood to take a look at their collection here at Amberoot and share their contagion for healthier and happier planet.

MUD-Jeans Circular Economy Black White-01

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