Searious Business - Working to Close the Plastic Tap Running into our Oceans

One of the biggest plagues of our times is plastic pollution. To raise awareness about the issue we have chosen to introduce you the clever product range from Searious Business. However, it is not a conventional fashion garments producer. The founder and Ocean Ambassador of the Netherlands, Willemijn Peeters is an ardent fighter for reducing plastic pollution in the environment. Her organisation offers a disruptive planning and implementation programme to businesses who share her vision. It all starts with an online tool, ‘Plastic Scan’, which she has co-developed with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which measures company’s plastic use and recommends ways to shift towards a more sustainable path. Through this initiative, she aims to close the plastic tap which is running into our precious oceans.

Why are they here, you ask? Albeit the company is specialised to help businesses, individuals are encouraged to contribute to their overall goal as well. For this reason, they have designed a creative, thoughtful and affordable range of T-shirts raising awareness about plastic pollution. T-shirts are Fair Wear certified ensuring fair treatment of workers. As you would expect from the nature loving founder, they are also made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, securing the paramount care and respect for the health of the environment. It is time to realise, that we are all part of one big social group, the children of the Earth, and as a part of this amazing bunch we should do our best to keep the Earth and consequently ourselves healthy and happy.

Considering that according to all scientists microfibers washed away from our synthetic clothing is the biggest plastic pollution issue (~35-85%) in our oceans we think as an apparel industry representative we must guide us to a way better way. Below is a trailer of a great documentary - A Plastic Ocean talking about the plastic pollution in our beloved oceans, the issue which Searious Business works to improve.

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