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"Beauty is the source of everything, happiness is the aim. Happiness then creates more beauty in an endless circle of wellness. My duty is to help ignite this wonderful circle" says Silvia Giovanardi, the founder of the eponymous label.

"Ever since I was a child I’ve always been inclined to express myself through art so I decided to get a degree in fashion. When I graduated, I got hired by one of the most influential Italian fashion houses. During this time I learned more about the wrongdoings of the fashion industry, the second most polluting industry in the world. In the summer of 2014, I got married and went to Japan for my honeymoon. The experience obtained in the land of the rising sun was so powerful that it gave me the momentum to finally get on my own and start making a difference. I left the fashion house in which I worked for 6 years and I started shaping my own path by creating my first collection and giving life to Silvia Giovanardi, which is so much more than just a mere brand. Through my work, I intend to propose an actual lifestyle, a modus vivendi founded in the rediscovery of profound values, such as the respect for mother nature, its rhythm, its beauty, and its wonderful gifts."

So how does Silvia create this different way of living? By using certified organic and the most environmentally friendly fabrics, such as hemp, linen, milk and soy; natural dyes such as turmeric, gardenia, poppy and safflower; creating all her clothing with local craftsmen and women 100% in Italy; producing seasonless, genderless clothing; and being a genuine peace advocate on the western side of the globe. Since all the luxury and exclusive materials Silvia uses are handcrafted, organic and died in natural ways, her clothing can be buried in soil and, in time, biodegrade to create humus, bringing new life to the world.

Her unique clothing transcends time, gender, corruption and lack of elegance with the profound appreciation for mother earth and a graceful inner peace.

“I want to be nature’s instrument” says Silvia. In our opinion, she truly succeeds in this mission!

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Silvia Giovanardi | luxury | handcrafted | Italy

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