Celebrating the Wonder of Trees with Amberoot Bathrobes

  Most of the times we tend to take things for granted, as given, but sometimes it is good to stop   and to recap. So...

Amberoot Tops the Most Ethical Online Retailers in the UK Ranking List - by Ethical Consumer Magazine

Since 1989 Ethical Consumer Magazine in the UK has reported on ethical issues and after having done their thorough an...

Ethical Consumer Anti-Greenwash Q&A with Gintare from Amberoot

Amberoot CEO’s recent anti-greenwash interview with Ethical Consumer magazine.

Best Buy Label Awarded to Amberoot

Back in January, 2019 we were thrilled to share with you all that the Ethical Consumer Magazine rated Amberoot as the most ethical fashion marketplace.

Plastic Soup Foundation Suggests Using Amberoot Sustainability Ratings

Our Tool's material rankings are based on how much water, land and energy each ingredient uses. The extent of the pollution caused to water, soil and air by each ingredient is also evaluated. Consideration on whether the ingredient is biodegradable, renewable or not is also taken into the account.

Plastic Soup Foundation's Workshop on Fighting the Microfiber Pollution

This year the Foundation has also led the international workshop on tackling microfiber pollution with a great mix of people from corporations, SMEs and academia. The crowd was informed on the latest microfiber research and on short, mid and long term solutions aiming to solve the problem.

Most Ethical Fashion Focused Marketplace - Amberoot, Says Ethical Consumer Magazine

We only could have done better on Company Ethos Mark meaning that all products sold must be Organic, Ethical and Vegan certified. Since our linen brands contain none of these certifications we did not receive this mark. However, all linen clothing sold on Amberoot is vegan - 100% linen fabric, metal buttons, zippers, no animal ingredients whatsoever.

Member of The Week at Platf9rm

Since my old co-working space closed for a refurbishment I found a cosy spot in a new co-working space in Brighton - Platf9rm. They are a leading green co-working space in Brighton by having compost bins and lots of green plants, thanks to which I can indeed feel the attributed increase in productivity!

The unexpected joy of the beautiful and the new by Papier Machet Thoughts

In August, 2018 blogger Julia Kendal wrote about the joy of wearing quality clothes sold on Amberoot and showcased her new lovely yellow linen skirt bought from us. You can read the post here.

Crepe De Chine Blog Interviews Amberoot Co-Founder & CEO Gintare

Amberoot is dedicated to the arduous market of sustainable clothing, exclusively offering materials that are organic and biodegradable such as organic cotton, flax, hemp, agricultural waste fibres and lyocell.

Amberoot Founder's Interview for AmaElla

In August, 2017 we welcomed a lovely Fairtrade and Organic Cotton Lingerie Brand AmaElla on Amberoot. On this ocassion they have interviewed Amberoot's Founder Gintare. You can read the interview on AmaElla's blog.

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