Sanikai - A Gust Of Fresh Alpine Air

The allure for garments is intangible: precise craftsmanship and beautiful timeless designs. The look and feel of clothes do indeed seem like a gust of fresh air from Swiss mountain tops. Mostly undyed, clean white geometric and organic forms are surely meant to make the wearer feel both comfortable and graceful.

Sydney Brown - Stepping Up For Animal Rights In Style

This is the time when she and her family decided to go vegetarian. She thought there was already enough suffering in the world to be yet another individual contributing to an animal abuse.

MUD Jeans – Great Artist's Work Is Never Done

MUD Jeans is a brainchild of Bert Van Son, who has 30 years of work experience in the global denim industry. Knowing ins and outs of the industry he was well aware about the social and environmental effects of it. He also knew that things could be done in a substantially better way. Thus MUD Jeans brand was born. Luckily Bert is one of those people whose goal is kind of mastery. A constant attempt to close the gap between work and vision, a constant sense that his search for excellence is never complete. By choosing MUD Jeans you can be sure to wear perhaps the best jeans in existence.

Searious Business - Working to Close the Plastic Tap Running into our Oceans

One of the biggest plagues of our times is plastic pollution. To raise awareness about the issue we have chosen to introduce you the clever product range from Searious Business. However, it is not a conventional fashion garments producer.

Silvia Giovanardi - Art, Earth, Heart

So how does Silvia create this different way of living? By using certified organic and the most environmentally friendly fabrics, such as hemp, linen, milk and soy; natural dyes such as turmeric, gardenia, poppy and safflower; creating all her clothing with local craftsmen and women 100% in Italy; producing seasonless, genderless clothing; and being a genuine peace advocate on the western side of the globe.


When two best friends, who just so happened to be fashion insiders, decided to create a brand that represented themselves and their values, they were keen to right the wrongs of other fashion brands they had seen during their time in the industry.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel - Classic Danish Organic Cotton Brand

Now an internationally-renowned sustainable menswear brand, KnowledgeCotton Apparel create everything from suiting and weatherproof outerwear to cashmere blend knits and underwear… all of which is built with ethical standards in mind.

Izzy Lane - Giving Voice to Animals

She saw that there was very little British wool used in the fashion industry, and most of the wool came from areas with questionable animal welfare practices. Therefore Isobel decided to start her own fashion label using fully traceable British wool.

Lemuel MC

It has blossomed from her wish for infallible fashion staples that you can love and depend on for decades. Marta’s classic collection is handmade in London from 100% Lithuanian dead stock linen (which would otherwise end up in landfills).

Motumo - Elegant Linen Womenswear

An inspiring collection of definitive, yet unexpected designs that offer the utmost in comfort, whilst maintaining a tailored, elegant silhouette.

My Lithuanian Home - All About Feeling Cosy

The beautiful, effortless homeware includes hand-knitted blankets, fresh linen bedspreads, and comfy slippers.

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