Inhaling Plastic Synthetic Fibres - Does it Matter?

How important is the air you breath? How important that it is kept clean and healthy? Such questions but with the foc...

Fashion Films: Stink! - Your Health and Chemicals Lurking in Our Clothes

Pajamas. One Christmas I bought my daughter pajamas online and when I opened the package it had peculiar odor. So I called the company to make sure they were safe and they completely stone walled me. I was angry that a company wouldn’t give me the information I needed to protect my kids so I decided to make a documentary about what makes the pajamas smell. That’s how “Stink!” the movie was born.

Fashion Films: River Blue - What's the Connection Between Rivers and Your Jeans?

Even if you are not into pleasures of getting your feet wet in the rivers 😄... your life is nonetheless dependent on thousands of rivers staying healthy and running their course. Rivers carry water and nutrients to farm fields, keep habitats beautiful, are used in transportation and energy production.

Fashion Films: The Price of Free

Among my greatest passions in life has always been films. I simply cannot resist their ability to elevate me above the mundane and the true beauty they shine a light on. I love how varied films are and the diverse gifts they grant. Stemming from this passion I'd like to introduce you Amberoot’s new article series – Fashion Films!

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