What to do with your Unwanted Clothes: Sell them


eBay is really simple to use, especially if you upload a bundle of your old stuff at the same time - that’s just one trip to the post office! There’s a great community of buyers out there who will give you favourable ratings for good service and as you sell, your Paypal account will prosper, so you can find some pre-loved goods of your own for a fraction of the retail price.


If you get really into selling and decide you have a coherent collection of vintage hidden in your closet, then it might be worth starting a shop on Etsy. It’s easy to do, and also a great place to find new vintage goods. Preloved is another reputable, more local site for selling.

If you’re more of a shopper about town, then taking your things to your favourite vintage store is always a rewarding experience.

Car Boot

Come one, come all. You can always be more traditional and head on down to a car boot sale too. Good way to socialize and to prolong a life for your once loved garment. _

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What to Do With Your Unwanted Clothes: Sell them

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