What to Do with Your Unwanted Clothes: Where and How to Recycle Them?

Although worldwide less than 1% of clothes are recycled, you could still try luck with the options below.

Recycle for rewards

Earn money by filling a bag and arranging for collection with Genie Recycling.

Clothing Banks

You’ve probably noticed these outside your local supermarket, in car parks and the like. Again, always check to confirm what kinds of goods are accepted but this can be an easy way to donate your clothes for recycling and help a good cause. The Salvation Army now have 6500 clothing banks nationwide. Take a look on their website to see how much good a full bin (the good kind) can do. TRAID also has 1500 banks across the UK as well as offering bag collections and in store drop-offs. Funding raised goes to support textile workers worldwide, you can find your nearest recycling bank here.

Find a list of local recycling banks here._


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