Most Ethical Fashion Focused Marketplace - Amberoot, Says Ethical Consumer Magazine

We only could have done better on Company Ethos Mark meaning that all products sold must be Organic, Ethical and Vegan certified. Since our linen brands contain none of these certifications we did not receive this mark. However, all linen clothing sold on Amberoot is vegan - 100% linen fabric, metal buttons, zippers, no animal ingredients whatsoever.

Member of The Week at Platf9rm

Since my old co-working space closed for a refurbishment I found a cosy spot in a new co-working space in Brighton - Platf9rm. They are a leading green co-working space in Brighton by having compost bins and lots of green plants, thanks to which I can indeed feel the attributed increase in productivity!

Future of Fashion: Innovative Dyeing Using Microorganisms - Pili

We literally biosynthesize dyes from sugar using fermentation processes without any nasty solvents or the need to heat at high temperatures. Once biosynthesized the pigments are filtered out leaving the microorganisms for further uses.

Ramie / China Grass - Antibacterial and Versatile Textile Fabric

Also known as ‘china grass’, ramie has historically been used throughout China for apparel, as well as by the Ancient Egyptians for mummy wraps and shrouds. It is used for sewing threads, fishing nets, filter cloths, furnishings and other textiles.

Ecolabel Certification

The label rewards innovative products which are durable, repairable, low carbon, with limited chemical emissions and increased recycled content, among other features. On top of that he ‘circular approach’ is integral to the label’s strict product criteria. In particular for textiles, The EU Ecolabel aims to improve the production of textiles through a large range of scientifically based criteria that encompass environmental and social concern and analyses the full life cycle. Many future-looking brands have found that the EU Ecolabel aligns with their sustainability values.

How Wearing Clothes Contribute To Deforestation And What You Can Do About It

>I spent the first half of my life surrounded by forests; they were an integral part of my being, they were those magical places through which I used to stroll in order to go for a wild swim in a lake. They were those vibrant, musical places where I could experience the sheer joy of discovering wild mushrooms and other life. Although I fully understand that in this increasingly urbanised world my experiences are pretty hard to relate to and yet I have no doubt that at least one gift granted by forests can be appreciated by us all – the ability to breathe.

Future of Fashion: Innovative Fabric - Mestic Fibre

Most people consider cow manure as waste. Jalila Essaidi would disagree. Her company has patented the method to directly convert animal manure waste into new materials such as bio- textiles, plastic and paper. Since cow manure contains cellulose, there is an opportunity to extract raw material from manure into new biodegradable products. Through this process, methane gas production is reduced and contamination of soil and water by phosphate and nitrate is prevented. Read on to learn more about this transformation.

GreenScreen Certification

GreenScreen Certified™ is a new certification standard that promotes the use of inherently safer chemicals in products. The certification meets increasing demand for: a) safer chemicals in manufacturing and/or products and b) a simple platform that enables the communication of safer chemicals in products and formulations across supply chains.

PETA Certification

Every day, we hear from consumers who want to be able to identify vegan products at a glance while shopping, and using the "PETA-Approved Vegan" logo is the perfect way for progressive, compassionate businesses to reach them.

Micro-fibre Pollution: Why What You Wear Matters

Dr. Emma Waight from Coventry University wrote an excellent article on why what you are wearing matters and the microfiber pollution caused by the synthetic clothing. Enjoy reading here.

The unexpected joy of the beautiful and the new by Papier Machet Thoughts

In August, 2018 blogger Julia Kendal wrote about the joy of wearing quality clothes sold on Amberoot and showcased her new lovely yellow linen skirt bought from us. You can read the post here.

Sisal / Agave Sisalana - Very Durable and Highly Absorbent Textile Fabric

Derived from Agave Sisalana plant, native to Mexico, sisal is second in tensile strength only to abaca. It has been traditionally used for ropes, carpets and mats and its high-absorbency makes it a good substitute for paper.

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