The unexpected joy of the beautiful and the new by Papier Machet Thoughts

In August, 2018 blogger Julia Kendal wrote about the joy of wearing quality clothes sold on Amberoot and showcased her new lovely yellow linen skirt bought from us. You can read the post here.

Sisal / Agave Sisalana - Very Durable and Highly Absorbent Textile Fabric

Derived from Agave Sisalana plant, native to Mexico, sisal is second in tensile strength only to abaca. It has been traditionally used for ropes, carpets and mats and its high-absorbency makes it a good substitute for paper.

Sanikai - A Gust Of Fresh Alpine Air

The allure for garments is intangible: precise craftsmanship and beautiful timeless designs. The look and feel of clothes do indeed seem like a gust of fresh air from Swiss mountain tops. Mostly undyed, clean white geometric and organic forms are surely meant to make the wearer feel both comfortable and graceful.

Sydney Brown - Stepping Up For Animal Rights In Style

This is the time when she and her family decided to go vegetarian. She thought there was already enough suffering in the world to be yet another individual contributing to an animal abuse.

Future of Fashion: Innovative Fabric - Mango Materials

Mango Materials produces biopolyester from a naturally occurring biopolymer from methane. By transforming waste biogas streams into eco-friendly, biodegradable materials at competitive economics they created a sustainable alternative fibre to a petroleum based synthetic polyester fabric.

Crepe De Chine Blog Interviews Amberoot Co-Founder & CEO Gintare

Amberoot is dedicated to the arduous market of sustainable clothing, exclusively offering materials that are organic and biodegradable such as organic cotton, flax, hemp, agricultural waste fibres and lyocell.

Future of Fashion: Innovative Fabric - QMilk Fibre

QMILK fiber is compostable, flame retardant, soft and smooth as silk. QMilk fiber is made from milk which is no longer suitable for internal consumption and would otherwise be disposed of as a secondary waste. QMilk also patented a specifically designed fibre spinning process which requires little water and energy.

Future of Fashion: Innovative BioLeather: Zoa by Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow is a New York based company growing animal-free, animal materials. Through DNA editing, non-animal cells are designed to produce collagen, the predominant protein found in animal skin. The collagen is then grown, purified, and biofabricated to create materials with the same natural building blocks that make up traditional leather.

Future of Fashion: Fabric From Microbial Cellulose - Nanollose

Cellulose fibers known as Rayon, Viscose, Modal, Bamboo, Lyocell (Tencel) are made from the tree pulp, which means that lots of trees must be cut in order to produce them. However, company Nanollose is developing innovative proprietary technologies relating to the production, processing and applications of microbial nanocellulose, which have the potential to effect change in the global cellulose industry and to offer an environmentally sustainable alternative to plantbased cellulose materials.

Future of Fashion: Innovative Fabric - Orange Fibre

In Italy, over 700,000 tonnes of citrus juice by-products are wasted every year. We spoke to the Italian brand Orange Fiber, who have innovated, patented and now manufacture a fabric out of these waste products. Meet Orange Fiber.

Future of Fashion: Innovative Fabric - MycoTEX

NEFFA produces MycoTEX a textile made from mushroom mycelium. Mycelium, the spores of mushrooms, is an incredible material, since it only needs little water to grow, and has the potential to be, for instance, antibacterial. The fabric is 100 per cent biodegradable and acts as nutritious feed for other plants at the end of its life as a garment.

MUD Jeans – Great Artist's Work Is Never Done

MUD Jeans is a brainchild of Bert Van Son, who has 30 years of work experience in the global denim industry. Knowing ins and outs of the industry he was well aware about the social and environmental effects of it. He also knew that things could be done in a substantially better way. Thus MUD Jeans brand was born. Luckily Bert is one of those people whose goal is kind of mastery. A constant attempt to close the gap between work and vision, a constant sense that his search for excellence is never complete. By choosing MUD Jeans you can be sure to wear perhaps the best jeans in existence.

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