The Environmental Impact of Leather

Leather is often described as a byproduct of the meat industry. Yet buying leather makes the killing of animals more economically viable, since animal's hide (skin) represents approximately 10% of the value of the cow.

Linen - Leading Environmentally Friendly Textile Fabric

It was historically used in Europe for men’s summer suits and in Japan for making exquisite, indigo-dyed kimonos.

Hemp - Perhaps The Most Environmentally Friendly Textile Fabric

Hemp has long been a mainstay of sustainable wardrobes worldwide. The early marketing of this fiber was mainly focused on a niche group of customers. And hemp was predominantly featured in tie-dyed t-shirts, fisherman’s pants and peasant-style dresses that appealed to their aesthetic tastes. Because of this and its embrace by hippy generations for a long time hemp has been viewed as a textile that was somewhat incongruous with an elegant and stylish wardrobe. Thus was largely overlooked by designers. However, since hemp offers significant environmental benefits it has meant that it couldn't continue being ignored for too long.

What to Do with Your Unwanted Clothes: Where and How to Donate Them?

Fashion, like any love affair, has its highs and lows. No matter how infatuated you were with that dress when you first met, it might be time to move on - you’ve changed and so must your outfit.

Motumo - Elegant Linen Womenswear

An inspiring collection of definitive, yet unexpected designs that offer the utmost in comfort, whilst maintaining a tailored, elegant silhouette.

My Lithuanian Home - All About Feeling Cosy

The beautiful, effortless homeware includes hand-knitted blankets, fresh linen bedspreads, and comfy slippers.

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