Amberoot Story

Our reason for being

Amberoot was created with an ambition to make the fashion industry more environmentally friendly, ethical and transparent.

Our values are represented in the name amberoot. “amber” stone represents transparency and honesty. whilst “root” means that we always go to the root cause of the problem before working our way up in solving it.

In short we aim to:

  1. Divest the fashion industry from fossil fuels. There are two main reasons for this:
    1. ~70% of all clothing are created from oil, plus the fact that dyeing, finishing and manufacturing are also mainly fossil fuel dependent and contribute to climate change.
    2. ~ 35-85% of ALL plastic waste in our oceans are microfibers from our synthetic clothing. Plankton eat it, fish eat it, birds eat it, you eat it.
  2. Improve the quality of life for all human and non human animals.
  • improve the quality of life for all human and non human animals.
  • Child labour, workplace abuse, petty wages in the industry are not acceptable.
  • "Luxury fashion" is still quite often connected to using animal ingredients (leather, fur, etc.). We do not stock leather or fur. For other animal ingredients (such as wool) we have stringent requirements for animal wellbeing. We are pushing the whole industry to consider animals worthy of happy and fulfilling lives and exclude animal ingredients where possible.
  • For us beauty is more than external appearance. More importantly it is the transparent story of how planet and people were treated while making our clothes. With our unique product Transparency maps we foster "in sight and in mind".

    Longer read:

    Environmentally friendly

    Amberoot aims to tackle this in several ways. Firstly, through the materials we endorse and stock, including: organic, biodegradable, sustainable and diverse materials. Our work with artisans and craftsmen/craftswomen is crucial to aid the conservation of such wholehearted and maintainable methods. We are working hard to steadily minimise any harm done throughout the garment production process by curating a selection of responsibly sourced, high-quality products which you neither need, nor want, to discard after a couple of wears.


    One in five people worldwide work in the fashion industry, often in inauspicious and unsafe working conditions that have even led to the loss of many life (e.g. Rana Plaza). Amberoot’s holistic approach works with brands that consider and care for every person, in every part of a product’s lifecycle, including: cultivation, production, manufacturing and distribution. Our products come from Fairtrade™ brands, and particularly those that invest in social development by working closely with local charities, employing individuals with limited opportunities, and empowering women and minority groups. We believe working closely with individuals is crucial to maintaining the traditional crafts and artisanship that are so vital.

    Transparent and Informative

    Amberoot is driven to find solutions to the environmental crisis. Knowing about each stage of garment production and its effects, techniques, and people involved, is imperative as well as fascinating. We marvel at the artistry and workmanship that goes into this process - from conception to birth - and we think everybody should have the chance to appreciate these journeys too, which is why we tell their stories. We have a long way to go to craft a more sustainable future, and to get there we need to talk about our problems, and share solutions. It’s also important to embolden brands that are already taking substantial steps towards sustainability by providing them with a crucial platform. We are sincere and thoughtful in our endorsements; we hope this will make ethical and environmentally-driven decisions more visible and accessible to all. The unique sustainability search filter system on our website is there to allow you to search for products in line with your own values and priorities.

    Where there is a will, there is a way

    We are more informed of our impact on the planet and better equipped to nurture it than ever before. Humans have a great capacity for adaptability, appetite for justice and compassion. We now need to fully engage these capacities to build an economic life that is more socially just and environmentally conscious, and less harmful to nature and the commons that sustain us.

    An appreciation for wild, exquisite places demands that we participate in the fight to save them from devastation. To further look after the health of our planet, and help put a stop to this steep decline, being a member of 1% for the planet we donate 1% for our sales to hundreds of grassroots environmental groups all over the world who are working to reverse the damage. We also make every effort to minimize our carbon footprint along the way.

    Amberoot's CEO & Co-founder Gintare

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