About Amberoot

Accelerating fashion's transition to the use of diverse renewable resources


We raise awareness about a wide range of diverse biodegradable ingredients that our clothes should be made of. Dependency on coal and oil while making all of our clothes plastic (synthetic) must not continue.

Healthier and more efficient alternative ingredients include: linen, hemp, organic cotton, jute, ramie, food waste fabrics, cork and many others. Explore a wide range of biodegradable ingredients in Amberoot Material Environmental Sustainability Ranking Tool and in Biodegradable Textiles article series.


To push against the industry's trend towards even more synthetics and for your convenience we have an international online shop selling products made exclusively from these healthier alternative ingredients.

All products on our online shop are made by Amberoot and by other great brands.

In the process we reject 89% of industry fibres - plastic fabrics and non organic cotton.

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Today's Fashion Industry:

What is made from coal and oil?

  • Plastic fabric clothing - 64% of all clothes worldwide.
  • Chemicals used in growing cotton. 25% of world’s total of insecticides (talking about the insect apocalypse..) and 11% of pesticides.
  • Dyes and treatment chemicals for textiles.

Why using coal and oil in fashion isn’t smart?

  • Plastic clothing shed microfibers to air, soil and water. Only in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes they contribute to around 35-85% of microplastic pollution.
  • These tiny plastic microfibers are then ingested by smallest creatures, such as plankton and mosquitoes. Entangled plastic threads accumulate in their internal organs and are passed on throughout the food chain. They end up on your plate too - found in honey, salt, beer and, obviously, in seafood.
  • Today less than 1% of all clothing worldwide is recycled, meaning that all discarded synthetic clothing will stay in landfills for hundreds of years to come.
  • An average number of times a garment is worn nowadays is four times. Thus we could call a fashion industry the four-time-use plastic industry.

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