My Lithuanian Home has been crafting artisan-inspired designs for our homes since 2009. The beautiful, effortless homeware includes hand-knitted blankets, fresh linen bedspreads, and comfy slippers. MLH believes in fostering fair and sustainable relationships, sourcing their products responsibly and creating them using the most traditional and natural methods possible. We know that home really is where the heart is with My Lithuanian Home.
Motumo synthesizes nature’s organic forms with the ever-changing demands of urban life. The result is an inspiring collection of definitive, yet unexpected designs that offer the utmost in comfort, whilst maintaining a tailored, elegant silhouette. Motumo’s sustainable clothing adheres to the most stringent production standards and practices. Harnessing the vital power of linen, which designer Eglė believes, ‘presents its own temperament, for it is capricious and unpredictable’. Motumo’s finest material is light and breathable, ready to grant solace to those seeking balance in their everyday.
DD Clocks are all handmade by the clockmaker Dmitry, who has been making clocks for over two decades. Each piece, precisely crafted, is equally unique and authentic in its texture-rich appeal. We love the seemingly limitless range of natural and recycled materials Dmitry incorporates into his designs, which include: copper steel, stainless steel, gypsum, lead, aged wooden board (sometimes with the meandering memory of a woodworm that once whiled away the hours there) felt, wire and ceramics. All clocks are equipped with a high-quality battery quartz movement that is also precise, silent and small. All clocks come with the assurance of a two-year guarantee. Dmitry’s humble, industrial, tactile clocks have timeless appeal.
The story of Elvis & Kresse is the story of a material worth saving. Beginning in 2005, just before the decommissioned London fire-hoses were surrendered to the landfill, the resilient, heroic material was called upon once again. Applying the best craftsmanship and design to rework this incredible resource, Elvis & Kresse transform forgotten hoses into the most resilient, unique, utilitarian wallets, belts and bags. So stylish they have been featured on the cover of Vogue. Elvis & Kresse have so far rescued over 200 tons of waste and continue to donate 50% of profits to charities related to the unique materials they reclaim, such as Fire Fighters Charity, Help For Heroes, British Forces Foundation, WWF, CafeDirect among others. Here, at Amberoot, we are very much inspired by their passion for the environment and upcycling and we are totally excited to be part of their journey!
Lemuel MC speaks of effortless Sunday mornings dressing for meandering country walks with loved ones. Founded by Siberian born textile graduate and creative mind, Marta Cernovskaja, the sustainable brand blossomed from her wish for infallible fashion staples that you can love and depend on for decades. Marta’s classic collection is handmade in London from 100% Lithuanian dead stock linen (which would otherwise end up in landfills). The fabric is an indisputable choice for those looking to lead a conscious lifestyle, since brilliant linen can be grown naturally with no need for chemicals and little strain on the water supply (you can read about more amazing benefits of linen here!). As well as being kind to the environment, Lemuel MC linen is made to age impeccably and actually improves in softness over time. Marta’s mineral toned pieces owe as much to her minimalist ingenuity as they do to the everlasting appeal of linen. The collection features deftly chic garments, such as Lemuel MC’s premium shirt dress, that can be worn on both sides, buttoned up on the back or front – for simplicity that boasts the artisanal quality of the garment’s beautifully handcrafted origins. Lemuel MC invites you to turn your back on throwaway fast fashion, and fall in love with uncompromising, elegant clothes that will stay just as beautiful as the day you met.

Fine Cell Work believes that a steady home must be built from the ground up, and you can craft this future with your very own hands. With such a philosophy in mind, they empower prisoners, who likely never had such an opportunity, to become masterful, paid needle workers. FCW’s important social enterprise has nurtured a group of committed artists who have been commissioned by the likes of V&A, English Heritage, Tate Modern and The National Gallery. The dignified work fosters the hope, financial means and self worth vital for life beyond prison. The FCW cushions are delicately crafted from strong, sustainable linen and hessian, then filled with responsibly sourced duck down (no live plucking and no force feeding practised). The designs range from classic stripes, to eclectic embroidered pineapples. Around 100 hours goes into making each cushion, time spent expertly applying a range of embroidery techniques, including striking rows of shells emerging from intricate French knots. As artists, prisoners seek the best ways to correct the mistakes and downfalls in their work in order to drive passionately towards the finished piece. With FCW, prisoners are not simply embroidering cushions but creating a portfolio they can draw from for the rest of their lives. The art of needlework provides a moment of escape from the four walls of prison life, and every cushion purchased lets somebody know that there are people on the outside who care about them, and there is hope.

Hoodlamb is a world’s leading brand producing clothing from the strongest and most extraordinary fibre, hemp. Hemp, being Amberoot’s favourite fiber too uses no pesticides, uses only 3% of water the cotton would use and provides up to double fiber yield per hectare when compared to cotton. Concentrating on designs that speak equally of both functionality and style, Hoodlamb believes in pioneering fashion that can be made, and worn, in harmony with a healthy environment. Born out of the wish for comfortable and protective clothing after a long day surfing the raucous waves of the North Sea, only the finest organic cotton, hemp and recycled materials are used in apparel that is ready for the toughest environment. Hoodlamb has recently become a fellow member of 1% For The Planet, which means that 1% of their total sales is donated to various environmental grassroots organisations around the world. For over twenty years, Hoodlamb have remained true to their sincere ambition; family-owned farms, factories and mills are handpicked for their excellent working conditions, longstanding tradition and craftsmanship to create the sustainable collection. A collection that, like nature’s harvest, is made only once a year to protect the environment and craft clothing that is worth the wait.
OSHADI marries traditional Indian heritage with the modernity of editorial fashion. Founded by 22-year-old, Nishanth Chopra and designed in collaboration with Richard Malone, who graduated from Central Saint Martin’s and worked for Versace & LVMH, it’s no wonder the clothes have such a high-end flavour. OSHADI’s definitive silhouettes weave the complementary indigo hues, coral pinks and crisp quality of ethnic apparel into statement individual pieces and stunning co-ords. Referencing the likes of Le Corbusier, 90s designers such as Jil Sander and Helmut Lang, as well as 20th century linen workwear, this really is a collection of all the good things. OSHADI is faithful to the ‘essence of nature’, which the name means in Sanskrit. Chopra’s clothes are made using exclusively natural dyes and sustainable materials like organic cotton, peace silk and linen, consciously chosen for their environmental kindness and efficacy. Apparel is handspun by artisans, to foster equality, growth, and empowerment in the marginalised community. It’s no surprise that OSHADI has been awarded the Positive Luxury seal, and was recently praised in Forbes Magazine for their unique vision. OSHADI’s vibrant approach makes a clear departure from the harmful practices of the fashion industry, and looks towards a sustainable future that looks better than ever before.
London based designer, Ümran Aysan followed years of working in the fashion industry with the decision that her artistic pursuit and ethical principles must live in harmony, and so, a brand was born. The unique collection, inspired by the Aegean region of Turkey, is testament to the cool breeze and bright spirit of the coastline, where ‘the land is fertile and life is effortless’. Aysan’s worldly stance does not overlook the need to sustain and revive ancient traditions; so the preservation of artisans and craftsmanship plays a key role in her design process. Connoisseur of versatile designs, Aysan’s trademark shift dress is our new go-to piece for both luxury resort wear and stylish workwear. The sustainable fabric of choice, Tencel, is made from the cellulose of wood pulp. With the softness of cotton but without the harmful impact, it even boasts much better breathability as well as a luxurious silky finish. Her signature box dress is covetable for any occasion, and mimics the fresh sea air of the resort with its lightness and grace. Ümran Aysan is clearly spiritually inspired by the landscape of Turkey, and what better motivation to protect the environment.
When two best friends, who just so happened to be fashion insiders, decided to create a brand that represented themselves and their values, they were keen to right the wrongs of other fashion brands they had seen during their time in the industry. Shocked by the exploitation of workers, suppliers and the environment in fashion the pair had seen first hand, they landed on the idea of creating beautifully elegant and premium lingerie made from organic cotton, which isn’t so easy to come by… and so AmaElla was born. Today, the brand has a small but beautiful range of magnificently adorable organic lingerie and pyjamas with a far lower environmental footprint than traditional means. All of AmaElla’s goods are made by two ethical manufacturers, one in Britain–which supports young women aiming to begin careers in the fashion industry–and one in Portugal–a GOTS certified manufacturer protecting the rich textile heritage of the area by employing local, skilled women. Add this to the fact that every last trim and lace is made from GOTS organic cotton and OEKE-TEX 100 approved materials, you can be safe in the knowledge that every aspect of the AmaElla brand comes with a sustainable seal of approval.
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