Social Welfare Policy


All brands on Amberoot must abide to these non-negotiable minimum social standards: no forced labour, no child labour and an ability to work in safe and healthy working conditions earning a living wage.

Additionally, all brands we work with uphold high social welfare standards. Most of the products we sell have FairWear, Fairtrade or BCorp Certifications that ensure that workers throughout the supply chain are treated fairly.


We are the first retailer worldwide providing supply chain information for all multi-brand products we sell. Publicly visible supply chain information shows that our brands have nothing to hide. You can trace back to the farms and factories for every product. This enables us to see how environmental and social standards are upheld throughout the whole supply chain.

In the case that we become aware of any proof (/-s) that any brand we work with does not uphold to the aforementioned requirements throughout their whole supply chain we will ask for the brand to take remedial actions. If the brand won’t take any subsequent immediate action (/-s) to improve the issue we will stop selling their products at Amberoot.


III.I. Preferring companies with more women in management positions

We are aware that approximately 80% of workers in the fashion industry are women, however, women are a tiny minority when it comes to management roles. Therefore, we work towards bridging this gap in Amberoot and the brands we work with. We are also glad to work with brands who have at least one female co-founder.

III.II. Preferring companies with a healthy and diverse portrayal of beauty

At Amberoot health and diversity are our core values and pervades everything we do. Sadly, we think that current portrayal of girls and women in fashion and media has a negative impact on both physical and mental health due to quite unrealistic expectations about an individual’s external appearance. As we are well aware (but sadly sometimes forget) the visual representations of people in the media are often enhanced by cosmetic, surgical and digital interventions. Moreover the homogeneous role model - blonde, big eyes, tiny nose, puffed lips, very skinny, young, white skin - culture creates troublesome insecurities, especially for girls and women. This totally unnecessary pressure for people to look a certain way in order to be considered “beautiful” makes them spend lots of energy, money and time in an attempt to reach those unrealistic and unhealthy goals. At Amberoot we think any individual (man or a woman) needs to see more healthy diverse role models out there to be able to appreciate the person they are in a much healthier manner.

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