Cosy and Warm Bathrobe - Baobab

Product image 1Cosy and Warm Bathrobe - Baobab
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Product image 3Cosy and Warm Bathrobe - Baobab
Product image 4Cosy and Warm Bathrobe - Baobab
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Product image 6Cosy and Warm Bathrobe - Baobab
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Product image 10Cosy and Warm Bathrobe - Baobab

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Warm, high quality linen bathrobe to relax your body in and to celebrate the wonder of trees.

Most people are aware about the extinction of species in the animal world, however, not many are aware about the same changes taking place in the plant world. Amberoot bathrobes aim to raise the awareness about the extinction of the diversity of trees. Collection features three of many IUCN classified threatened tree species - Baobab, Pina and Rowan.

Undyed, unbleached quality linen Baobab bathrobe brings us the memories of Le Petit Prince and celebrates the stunning Baobab trees of Madagascar.

How exclusive?

Linen fabric accounts for up to 1% of all fabrics used worldwide.

This is a truly ZERO PLASTIC product as only non-plastic ingredients were used: fabric, labels, interfacing, sewing thread and packaging. As a result not made from coal and oil - main cause of the climate change, pollution and thus the extinction of precious species.

Materials and Care

Featuring highest quality linen fabric and other premium biodegradable ingredients. Masters of Linen (100% ethically made in Europe) and Oeko-Tex (absence of toxic chemicals) certified. Baobab features a thick heavier type of linen fabric, because unlike Pina and Rowan bathrobes, this fabric did not undergo processes such as bleaching and dying. Besides excellent sustainability credentials of growing a flax plant - the ingredient fabric is made of - linen holds these outstanding inherent characteristics: thermoregulatory, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, quick drying, biodegradable and only improves - softens with age. You can learn more about linen here. Amberoot material environmental sustainability ranking - A. Natural fiber sewing thread. Natural fiber interfacing and labels. Wash at 30 degrees. Hang to dry or tumble dry. Do not dry clean or bleach.


Size (Unisex) Chest (in) Chest (cm) Length (in) Length (cm)
XS 33 84 50 128
S 36 92 50 128
M 40 102 51 130
L 44 112 52 133
XL 50 127 54 137

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