Beige Muse Linen Dress

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Have you ever wondered how would you look if you were carved into sculpture? One way to find out is definitely by wearing this stunning beige linen dress! Elegant long dress from Motumo drapes comfortably even in the hottest weather, thanks to linen'sability to let your largest organ - skin breathe... See yourself gracefully sculpted where time and space no longer matter.

Please note: All Motumo products are made to order to reduce waste. Please allow an additional 7-14 working days when ordering for your products to be made.


Environmental Aspects

- Made using 100% linen, a natural, breathable material made from flax; a highly productive crop that can grow naturally without pesticides and harmful chemicals. Read more about the brilliant benefits of linen here.

- All Motumo products are made to order to avoid waste.

Ethical Aspects

- Motumo's products are made in the small Lithuanian town of Birzai, where the textile industry once thrived. Motumo is breathing new life into the town, employing the highly qualified seamstresses who reside in Birzai–many of whom have struggled to find work since the birth of cheap (often unethical) textile factories in China and the East.

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Materials and Care

100% linen. Read more about the brilliant benefits of linen here. Wash at 30 degrees. Hang to dry. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or bleach.


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Find out more about Motumo here.

Shipping and Returns

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If shipping to the USA customs and import duties and fees, taxes and any other charges are pre-paid by Amberoot.

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