Men's Fish Bottle T-Shirt

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Coming in a lively shade of grey this comfy T-shirt is made with care for the environment and workers, as it is is made from top quality 100% FairWear and GOTS certified organic cotton. And yet, what makes this T-shirt even more beautiful is the message raising awareness about the detrimental effects our consumption of plastic has for ocean ecosystems. If you care - don't be shy to let others know! Love is better when shared :-)


Environmental Aspects

- The GOTS certification means that all stages of production have been checked by accredited inspectors and ensures high environmentally responsible manufacturing standards.

- All proceeds from the sale of this T-Shirt go to Searious Business work to divest plastic waste from our oceans.

- This T-Shirt is built to last! Durability is a hugely important aspect of sustainability.

Social Aspects

- The T-shirt is GOTS certified meaning all stages of production have been checked by accredited inspectors and meet high socially responsible manufacturing standards.

- T-Shirt is also a Fair Wear Certifed. Fair Wear certification means that brand works to improve workplace conditions and has to implement FWF Code of Labour Practices in their supply chain. The code includes such requirements: no forced labour, no child labour, no discrimination in employment, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, payment of a living wage, safe and healthy working conditions.

Transparency Map

Materials and Care

100% GOTS organic cotton.

Wash at 30 degrees.


Sizing Guide


Find out more about Searious Business here.

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